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My name is Sherri, and I’m a travelista. I created Discovering Away when I took my three month dream trip through New Zealand and Australia. I wanted to share my story because most of the blogs and experiences I read about were from people who quit their jobs and sold everything to travel, but I wanted to keep my life at home in tact, while embarking on an adventure. This is my story and I hope that it inspires you to take the leap to make your dream trip happen too!

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I'm a graphic designer with a passion for photography. Check out some of my work for sale on society6.com/discoveringaway.


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    A few years before my trip, I estimated the amount of money I would need to make my dream of visiting Australia happen. I came up with the round number $20,000. I looked through travel forums and found that most people were able to travel for about $100 – $130 a day on a low […]