Make Trip Planning Easier


This is day three of the 15 days to freedom daily blogging challenge from The Suitcase Entrepreneur. Today’s challenge is to identify which tool to use in order to be more productive.

How do you organize all of your trip planning information? Do you keep screenshots and files in folders on your computer? That’s how I used to organize my travel itinerary, until I came across Evernote. This amazing free tool has helped me to save and organize bits of information relating to travel, blog posts, Christmas shopping, etc. You name it, I have a note for it. For travel-specific bookings, I’ve also used TripIt to save flights and reservation numbers.

Evernote and TripIt have been great, and I’m going to continue to use them, but I’m also going to try out a method of visual organization with another free online application called Trello. I’m currently using this app at my workplace to track projects, but I can also see it being an incredible tool for organizing personal tasks as well.

Trello’s easy-to-use visual interface gives you the ability to create boards and lists. Within the lists there are cards where you can note tasks, upload documents and images, and make comments. I’ve created a board called Travel, and within that board I have lists titled the places I’ll be going within the next year. Stacked under those lists are cards where I can save information about flights, hotels and things to do. I’m sure more cards will come up, but these are great to start with.

Trello with a travel board started

Do you have any applications you can recommend for keeping track of travel itineraries?