Vegas – Should you stay on the strip or on Fremont St.?

Are you thinking about going to Las Vegas but aren’t sure if you should stay on the strip or in old Vegas? I’ve been to Vegas three times now, and have stayed in Fremont twice and near the strip once, and from my experience, every day in Vegas will be exciting and fun-filled, so you really can’t go wrong! But just in case you need some more info, here are some tips that should help you with deciding where to stay.


The Strip: Huge, fancy, sparkling hotels with unlimited things to do like shows, clubs and dining. Here’s a clip from an awesome limo ride we took down the strip one night:

Fremont: Old Vegas charm with lots of people watching, nightly light show and street entertainment.

Walking Time

The Strip: Spread out with lots to see. You could spend an entire day walking the 6.759 km strip.
Walking the las Vegas strip

Everything is pretty close on Fremont St. It only takes about 15-20 minutes to walk the length 1/2 km street.

Walking Fremont Street


The Strip: Tons of shopping throughout the hotels, along the strip, and even underneath the strip, like the underground mall at the MGM.

Underground shopping on the strip

Fremont: 10 min cab ride to an outlet mall that has some great shops with even better deals.

Outlet shopping near Fremont Street

Best Views

The Strip: You will be able to see the beautiful sweeping views from multiple places, like the Stratosphere, the Eiffel Tower, the Cosmopolitan and many more.

Eiffel Tower Las Vegas Strip

Fremont: Take a zipline for a bird’s eye view of all of the action happening on the street.

Zipline on Fremont Street


The Strip: Tons of hotel options. Most are pricier than Fremont St. hotels, but there are always deals to be found.

Bellagio Las Vegas

Fremont: Hotels can be pretty cheap around this area. There aren’t nearly as many options as the strip, but if you’re looking for a happening pool atmosphere and some old Vegas charm, stay at the Golden Nugget.

Golden Nugget on Fremont St.


Do you want to see all the famous hotels and glam it up? Stay on the strip!

Or are you looking to save some cash and experience iconic old Vegas? Stay on Fremont!

Wherever you decide to stay, you can rest assured that you’ll have an amazing time in Vegas. You can always take a bus, a cab or a limo to the other area. It’s best to see it all anyway!

Oh, and just cause Vegas rules, I’ve designed a desktop wallpaper to share with you! Download it!

Desktop Wallpaper Vegas

If you’ve already been to Vegas, where’s your favourite place to stay?