25 Awesome Signs Spotted while Traveling in Australia

25 Awesome Signs

I can’t help but notice signage when I’m somewhere new, most likely due to my background as a graphic designer. So when I see something that catches my eye for one reason or another, I have to take a photo of it. Here are some of the well-designed, interesting, and inspirational signs I saw while traveling in Australia!

Well Designed Signs

In Melbourne -  Seventh
Saw this sign in the Fitzroy area in Melbourne. I love how the absence of space in the letters was chosen in a way that the text is still easily readable.
Wood Spoon Melbourne
I like the simplicity of this signage. The lines in the background portray the lines you might see in wood, and the spoon is uniquely placed with the words.
Melbourne - Quick Brown Fox
Of course I had to take photo of this sign – the words are part of the phrase that’s used to review fonts! I think the font suits the name, although more attention could be given to kerning (the space between the letters).
Melbourne - Tongue + Groove
This sign for interior furnishings jumped out at me from across the street with it’s bright colours and interesting font.
Melbourne - Great Dane Signage
This signage is for a furniture company. I like how they decided to use a dog icon to compliment their name, rather than a piece of furniture. The use of negative space in the sign is wonderful as well.
Noosa - Crab
This large sign was on the side of a grocery store in Noosa that clearly specialized in seafood, specifically crab! Never underestimate the power of simple symbols.
Melbourne - Coffee Sign
Can it get any simpler than this? Need a beverage in a mug? This is your place.
Melbourne Now
Absolutely love the yellow and black branding for the Melbourne Now gallery project. I really admire how they broke up with word Melbourne onto different lines. Although it’s in a rectangular format, they were definitely thinking outside of the box.
Cairns Travellers Oasis Sign
I liked this sign because of the the details. The stars cut out of the text and the floral embellishments surrounding the sign really portray the whimsical and relaxed atmosphere of the Cairns Traveller’s Oasis.
Brisbane - The Barracks
I really like the simplicity of this logo. The Barracks is a modern shopping/dining/entertainment area in Brisbane, and this logo suits it well.
Surfers Paradise
The Surfers Paradise sign is placed in between the boardwalk and the ocean. Since Surfer’s Paradise has a lot of commercial development on the oceanfront, I think the modern steel frame shaped as surf boards works well.
Great Ocean Road Sign
Of course I had to include the sign for Great Ocean Road. The sign is positioned on a wood log frame as you enter the beautiful Great Ocean Road. I love the combination of the rustic presentation and the modern font.

Interesting Signs

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary
I was only about 15,000 km from home in Brisbane, no big deal!
Brisbane - Yha Elevator
Although it’s not technically a sign, I had to include this, cause it’s probably the coolest elevator floor I’ve ever seen. Taken at the YHA in Brisbane.
Cairns -  Cassowary Sign
These signs that show a bump in the road and a warning for cassowaries, were cleverly turned into before/after to show what can happen when you drive too fast in cassowary country in North Queensland. Slow down for those big, beautiful creatures!
Cairns - Crocodiles
This sign along the Daintree River is a nice reminder that you are in the crocodiles’ territory… so don’t go swimming.
Surfers - marine stingers
Jellyfish can found in water near North Queensland during Nov-May. I first saw the stinger sign in Surfer’s Paradise, and it continued to present itself as I made my way up the coast during the month of April.
Sydney - Garden
Found this sign while wandering around a neighbourhood in Sydney. Love the communal aspect of garden sharing!

Inspirational Signs

Melbourne - Hello Memories
I took this photo because I felt like I could relate to the message. There’s definitely a piece of Melbourne with me now 🙂
Don't Worry
This is an art installation that was part of the Melbourne Now exhibition. The soft lighting and the message felt very comforting as I started my first week in Australia.
Byron - Eat Beach Sleep Repeat
This chalkboard sidewalk sign was a nice reminder to take it easy sometimes! While traveling I have a tendency to go-go-go, but sometimes you gotta relax and just stick to the basics, especially in Byron Bay 🙂
If you're waiting for a sign this is it
Saw this sign as I was wandering around a suburb of Melbourne. Although I wasn’t specifically looking for a sign, it reminded me not to wait around for something to happen, you’ve got to go for it when you’re ready.
Coffs Harbour - Today is the gift
Noticed this sign while walking along the Coffs Harbour Jetty with one of my best friends and her kids. I was super grateful for that day!
Arlie - It's Your Life Live It
Came across this sign nearing the end of my trip in Arlie Beach, and it reminded me to always keep living my life the way I want to.
Everything is going to be amazing.
This is probably my favourite message. I came across this graffitied telephone pole my first week in Australia, and everything really was amazing 🙂

I wanted to share this collection of signs because I think that the details of a place often go unnoticed, and capturing those images can really help to tell the story of what a street, neighbourhood, city or country is really like.