Take Your Dream Trip

Take Your Dream Trip!

How to Plan Travel and Maintain Your Commitments at Home

Do you have a desire to take your dream trip to some intriguing and beautiful destination, but you’re having a hard time making it a reality due to all of life’s responsibilities? You may have been carrying around that dream trip for a while, but then decided to pack it into a suitcase and tuck it under the bed, because all of a sudden you are in a situation that makes a bit hard to make your dream trip happen.

This  36 page guide will show you how to make your dream trip a reality while maintaining all of your commitments at home. You’ll know exactly when you’ll be in your desired destination and will have a plan for keeping your home life in tact.

Why read this guide?

You’ll have a plan to make your dream trip happen!

Step by step, you’ll be shown how to keep your current living situation intact, while managing to save, plan, and go on that trip you’ve been dreaming of! This guide is directed towards people who have commitments such as mortgages, spouses, jobs, bills and cars. The information includes making savings plans, creating a trip timeline and budget, planning the trip, and maintaining relationships and expenses at home, and planning for a leave of absence. It also features original bright illustrations and inspiring photography.

Start reading today, and you’ll be on your dream trip sooner than you can imagine!

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The book was an easy and informative read filled with everything you need to know to start planning for that dream trip you’ve always wanted. With a little push, Sherri makes it imaginable to actually accomplish your travel dreams and take the, as it turns out, not so scary step towards making it actually happen. Complete with action items and a little planner!”

Maggie Spizzirri

About the Author

I’m Sherri and a few years ago I took my dream trip, where I visited British Columbia, California, New Zealand and Australia over a three month period, as a solo adventurer.

I had a steady, reliable, well-paying job, a mortgage, a car and a wonderful fiancé, but I just couldn’t get my dream of extended travel out of my head. I wanted to make it happen, but I didn’t want to lose what I had. When I was researching how to do this, I kept coming across stories about people who quit their jobs and sold all of their belongings. Many people either traveled with their partners or ended their relationships. I couldn’t relate to any of those experiences because I wanted to keep my life at home intact while I traveled.

I wrote this guide to let others in similar situations know that it is possible to make your dream trip happen while keeping your commitments at home going strong!