Oh, Hey Free Time!

Oh hey free time! Photo taken in Byron Bay, Australia at a hostel by the beach.

This post covers day nine and day ten of the 15 Days to Freedom Blogging Challenge from The Suitcase Entrepreneur. The challenges are to identify which tasks we do that could be systematized, and what one task to outsource.

Are there tasks that you do on a daily basis that you could hand over to someone else to free up some of your time? Wouldn’t it be great to outsource anything repetitive that you do that doesn’t give you that spark of passion? Maybe that extra time could go toward researching your next trip by finding the cheapest flight, the best sights to see, and where to stay. Actually, I imagine you could even outsource those tasks to a virtual assistant if you really wanted to.

I had to ask myself what tasks I do that are repetitive in terms of this blog, and there are a few, for example, writing a blog post. Here’s the general system I use:

  1. Write out the general post idea
  2. Compose it into paragraphs in WordPress
  3. Apply proper html source formatting
  4. Re-read and edit
  5. Choose featured image to go with post
  6. Design featured image using filters and text to make it unique
  7. Add image into post at the top and also set as featured image
  8. Choose and edit any additional photos
  9. Prepare the additional photos for the post and also for print if applicable
  10. Add the prepared print images to Society6 store
  11. Insert web optimized images into post
  12. Link web optimized images to Society6 products
  13. Preview to ensure all links are working and everything is formatted properly
  14. Give the url a short and sweet name
  15. Post on Facebook
  16. Post on Twitter
  17. Post on Pinterest

There are many steps involved when creating a blog post, and there are certain aspects of the process that I don’t feel I could outsource, such as writing content and choosing and editing the photos. In order to pass along some of the tasks, I could prepare the text and the photos, and then send over a detailed document outlining the other steps to take. I’m sure there would be quite a bit of trial and error in the beginning, but once someone is trained and the documentation is solidified, it could flow really nicely and truly free up time! I will need to create this training document, which will take some time, so in order to start outsourcing right away I’ll have to choose just one task to begin with. I think I would like to go with outsourcing editing, so I’ll look for an editor who can review the rough draft of my guide to catch any errors before I start design work. Who knows, maybe I’ll even outsource the graphic design!

So where do you find someone to outsource work to? oDesk houses tons of projects and connects clients with freelancers. Although I haven’t used it, I’ve heard great reviews about it and will probably give it a try first.

If you could pay someone to do a task for you, what would it be and how would you spend that extra time?