How Focus Creates Freedom

How Focus Creates Freedom

This is the beautiful view from South Molle Island in the Whitsundays, Australia.

This is day 15, the final day of the 15 Days to Freedom Blogging Challenge from The Suitcase Entrepreneur! The final challenge is to identify which topic we liked best and why.

The 15 Days to Freedom Blogging Challenge has been incredible. It was already rewarding to write everyday as a personal challenge, but having huge group of supportive, like-minded people who are all working on the same thing right along with me, was even more powerful. That being said, it’s pretty hard to pick one challenge that I liked the best, because I feel that all of them helped me to think in a different way and to define my version of freedom, but there is one that stood out: Day 7. The topic that day was to identify what we will focus on in 2015. In my post, Which Path Will You Take, I explained the importance of choosing one thing to focus on, and I decided that my focus for 2015 would be to create products that inspire and make an impact.

I have a few ideas on the go right now, and wasn’t really sure how they related to each other, but once I sat down and really thought it through, it became crystal clear what my focus was. Now I know what to say yes to, and what to say no to. Just because an opportunity comes up, doesn’t mean you need to say yes. You just need to ask if this opportunity is on par with your goal, and then you’ll have your answer. Knowing your focus allows for more decisive action, makes things easier, and gives you freedom to work on and do what you want. I’m so glad that I’ve decided on my path!

Thanks Natalie for an incredible, inspiring, and introspective challenge that has helped myself and many others with finding our path toward freedom!

What’s your focus for 2015?