Less Stuff Means More Time

This is day four of the 15 days to freedom daily blogging challenge from The Suitcase Entrepreneur. Today’s challenge is to identify what distractions can be removed from daily life.

When going on a trip, I absolutely love the challenge of bringing the least amount of stuff possible. It’s so freeing to be able to easily carry everything you need. By cutting out the extras and only bringing the essentials, you make space not only in your bag, but in your head too. The more things you have with you, the more time you’ll spend organizing and packing, and that precious time can cut into exploring!

I’m going to bring this attitude into my life at home. It’s crazy how much stuff you can accumulate when living somewhere for a while. We’ve been in our house for five years, and I’m completely ready to let some stuff go. The more stuff and clutter there is around, the more time that needs to be spent organizing and cleaning, which becomes a distraction. For this challenge, I’m going to be clearing out my office space to get rid of all of the distracting stuff hanging around. Once this is done, I’ll be able to spend more time on goals and tasks that matter, and less time getting distracted by organization that needs to be done.

How have you gotten rid of distractions in your daily life?