Pack Light, Live Light

Pack Light Live Light

This photo was taken in Brisbane, Australia on the last night of my 3 month journey.

This is day 12 of the 15 Days to Freedom Blogging Challenge from The Suitcase Entrepreneur. Today’s challenge is to identify clutter to clear out around us to create a more minimalist space.

How much stuff do you bring with you when you travel? Chances are good that it’s probably not much more than a suitcase and carry-on. Even if you’re going on a long trip, most people try not to bring more than that, since it becomes too much to lug around. When I went on my three month journey I was determined to only bring a 40L backpack, which worked out well for the first month, but eventually carrying around a heavy backpack started to feel like a bit of a nuisance so I purchased a small, used, rolling suitcase to make life a little easier. I figured that comfort was key and there was no reason I had to work so hard to bring my limited stuff around with me. Regardless of how I carried my belongings around, one fact remained true: I had far less stuff than I used at home on a daily basis, and I managed just fine, and maybe even better.

So how much stuff do you have at home? Maybe a bit more than you need? I know I sure do. It’s amazing how piles upon piles of objects can add up over time. In the post Less Stuff Means More Time, I share my goal of clearing out my office space to get rid of distractions. I’ve already begun and still have a ways to go, but I’m not going to stop once that room is completed. I would like to clear out clutter from every room eventually. It’s going to take some time, but I’m sure it will be worth the effort. This article has some very helpful tips for getting started: 7 Tiny Steps for the Beginner Minimalist. Tip #2 inspired me to clear out some duplicate kitchen cupboard items, and it’s so freeing to get rid of things, especially if they are donated to someone who needs them.

How do you feel when you clear out a space? What clutter will you clear out next?