The Beauty of Free Time, Especially While Traveling Solo

The Beauty of Free Time Especially While Travelling Solo

That’s me hanging out on Mount Eden with a view of Auckland, New Zealand in the background!

This is day 11 of the 15 Days to Freedom Blogging Challenge from The Suitcase Entrepreneur. Yesterday we discussed how we can get more free time, and today we will figure out what we’ll do what that wonderful free time.

Have you ever traveled solo before? If so, how did you feel about your time being your own? While I was backpacking for three months, my time was my own and I loved every precious second of it. It was an absolutely freeing and empowering feeling to be able to spend all day exactly as I wanted to. The way I got that free time was to save, save, save and to plan, plan, plan for a quite a few years. It would be nice if that experience could happen more often though. I find that traveling on my own is incredibly rewarding and is something that I would like to experience once a year, not only to have some freedom, but also to challenge myself as well. Every decision you make while traveling solo is your own, so you choose when and where you will spend time and exactly how you will spend it. In the above photo, I hiked up to Mount Eden on my own and sat and enjoyed the view. That moment combined my desire for new experiences with the reward of relaxing and soaking it all in.

But we all deserve more than just once a year to have some “me time”, so I’ll also be doing something special for myself once a month on a Saturday morning. I’m choosing Saturdays since that’s when I would normally work on my blog. If I can free up some of that time, then there will be some extra time to spend as I would like. While I’m traveling, I love to explore and try new things, so I’ll sort of be doing the same thing, but around my home base. Since I can’t hike volcanic craters in Southern Ontario, I’ll use some creativity to find new things to do around the area. The first month I might get a massage or go to a spa, since I’ve never done either before. And since variety is the spice of life, I’ll be mixing it up every month. Maybe I’ll try an art class the following month, and once it gets warmer, I’ll probably drive out to a nearby beach with a good book and just hang out in the sun. I’m going to schedule these half days into my calendar so that I can look forward to them and enjoy planning whatever new or relaxing experience I decide to have that day.

Do you take time out every day, week, month, or year to spend time exactly as you would like to? If so, how do you spend your “me time”?