The Best Travel Laptop

The Best Travel LaptopAre you trying to figure out which computer to bring with you on your travels? Have you already decided that a tablet just isn’t going to cut it, and that a computer is a necessity? When deciding on a laptop, that cheap, small PC brand laptop is tempting due to the price tag, but what happens when it gets a virus on the road or it breaks down mid-booking session? I decided on the 11″ Apple MacBook Air*, and due to my wonderful experience, I truly believe that it is best travel laptop. Macs are the standard in my chosen profession of Graphic Design, so I’ve been using them since about 2002, and will continue to use them because all three that I’ve owned have been incredibly reliable. My most recent purchase was in January ’14 when I bought the 11″ Macbook Air for a backpacking trip. I love the Air for so many reasons, and these are just a few of them:

  1. It’s Small

    I had a hard time deciding between the 11″ and the 13″, especially because for only $100 more you get quite a bit of extra screen real estate, which seems like a pretty good deal, but I opted for the 11″ and haven’t looked back. In fact, if Apple offered an even smaller version, I would probably purchased that one. The 11″ can fit on airplane tray tables and comfortably on your lap during a road trip, plus it doesn’t take up much room in your backpack. I can actually fit it into my purse for a carry-on too!

  2. It’s Light

    Since it’s so small, it only weighs 2.38 lbs, which is a huge factor while backpacking. Chances are good that if you’re bringing a laptop, you’re also bringing a fancy camera to capture the adventure, and since those usually weigh quite a bit, saving pounds wherever possible is critical.

  3. It’s Powerful

    If you order directly from Apple you can customize the ram, processor and storage. I opted to spend more on ram and the processor and brought along an external drive in case I ran out of space, which also served as a back-up. These options allowed me to edit photos and videos quickly, and luckily I didn’t run out of storage space on my three month journey.

  4. It’s Reliable

    I purchased a used MacBook G4 in 2006 and it lasted four years with only a minor problem of the power cord breaking. In 2010 I purchased a MacBook Pro and again, the only problem I’ve had in four years was the power cord, which seems to be pretty common. So in eight years I’ve been lucky enough to own two very reliable MacBooks, and the Pro still runs beautifully. In my experience, Apple laptops are very reliable and durable, which makes them perfect for traveling. I’ve accidentally dropped mine a few times, and there’s not even a scratch.

  5. It’s User Friendly

    If you haven’t used an Apple computer before, you will be happily and easily navigating along in no time. The user interface is well-designed, so once you get a quick overview, using it becomes very natural. If you’re a seasoned Apple user, all the more reasons to go for the Air. The whole experience is even more seamless if you own an iPhone, iPad or iPod.

I wanted to share my experience because I did a ton of research before purchasing the Air, so I hope that this will help others while they make their decision. The only down-side for me was the price. Macs are definitely not cheap, and traveling around with such an expensive piece of equipment can be a bit worry-some, but since it’s so small and lightweight, it’s quite easy to disguise. So based on my experience, I think the 11″ MacBook Air* is hands-down the best laptop for traveling.

Macbook Air in a Jeep
Writing while on a road trip to Northern Ontario


Photo editing on a plane
Photo editing on a plane!

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